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Power over Ethernet


POE(Power Over Ethernet) is a type of technology to use the class 5 cable to power the device on Ethernet, then you can use the cable to transfer power and signal at the same time. Based on POE technology, the VOIP phone, wireless base station,IP camera, hubs, computer etc., can be power by POE, because it don’t need external power supply for the PD equipments, we can save time and money for setting the power cable, then the cost of system is decreased.  Due to all the Ethernet equipments using RJ45 connector in the word, so all the POE equipments are compliance. This technology are similar to the traditional phone network, it can transfer power and voice signal on same cable. POE technology does not need change the Ethernet configuration, so POE system can save the cost for network cabling and has the advantage of remote power feeding, the then the POE device can be remote power on and power off.
POE system has PSE and PD device,which are power sourcing equipment and power device. And  it has different standard as AF and AF.
Standard PoE solution
 Original standard IEEE802.3af can provide a PD 15.4w DC power(minimal is about 44Vdc voltage and 350mA current).and the stable power is 12.95w because of the loss on cable. The update standard IEEE802.3at which is POE+, can provide high to 25.5w DC power. If use 4 pairs wire to power the device, it can delivery 60w power, which is also know as POE++.
The standard PSE and PD need special designed IC to handle, PSE need test and communicate with PD to set output power and  handle the overload, output short circuit protection, then it can be sure about the safety of the POE system. Because of the complicate solution of PSE and PD in POE system, the system cost is really high. this is why the POE technology is not widely used.
Pospell group Patent Solution:
Based on patented design, Pospell groupprovide a port forced power solution, it can accurately limited the output power of each port, it can protect each port for over power, short circuit, output low voltage; when the fault of Power device is removed, the POE injector can power again to the Power device.
Port Managed POE injector is port forced powered mode, the standard PD also can be used in the Port managed POE injector. And the Power device can be used directly in the system if the device can work when use DC 40~60Vdc input, and the power needed is in the range of limited.
Pospell group also provide PD splitter, it can provide 12V/9V/5V dc power to Ethernet equipments, then the device can be used in POE system. To satisfy high power application, using this solution, we can delivery more power to satisfy more than 60w application.
To satisfy the application of standard POE application, Pospell group also provide IEEE802.3 at compliance Mid-span products, they are 1000M based 4 port, 8 port, 16port, and 24 port product for this application.

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